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At we are working towards fostering a Greater Manchester policy focused community. Our aim is to facilitate solutions to some of the city’s most pressing problems. We want to share new research and thinking, and work with policy actors from across the city. Working with policy-makers, academics, campaigners and students, our aim is to kick-start policy conversations at a local level, and to insert a new perspective into national debates.

2019 Policy Bootcamp at the University of Manchester

In 2019 ran a policy making training course for University of Manchester students, including a series of workshops, events and interactive sandpit sessions on some of Manchester’s trickiest policy problems. Over the course of the program, students worked with staff from organisations including Greater Manchester Combined Authority, CLES, GMCVO, and Public First. They heard from policy-actors working in academia, in parliament, and in local government and put together proposals to crack some of the Manchester’s toughest policy conundrums, from generating inclusive growth to knife crime to climate change. We hope to offer a similar bootcamp this summer. Find out more.

It was multifaceted, complex and fast-paced, and provided the perfect precursor  for understanding the policy-making process

Hannah Vallance
Bootcamp participant and intern at Policy@Manchester

Policy Internships

Following the bootcamp, many participants gained internships in policy organisations around the country including Greater Manchester Combined Authority, GMCVO,, Metrodynamics, Resolve Consultants, Economic Change Unit, Social Market Foundation, Foundations, the Coop College, Centre for Towns, Politics Project, Policy@Manchester and Tyndall Centre for Climate Change. Some of these internships have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we are still looking for organisations to host interns. Find out more.

As well as running these bootcamps and internship programs, we hope to publish research, think pieces and blogs addressing issues at the heart of national and local policy debates. Whether it’s working with students and academics, engaging with the city’s local authorities, or publishing new research and thinking, our goal is to create an exciting and vibrant policy community in Greater Manchester.

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