Our Policy Internships Program

Following the policy bootcamp CFGM ran in 2019, many participants gained internships at a host of local and national organisations including CLES and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. Paid at the living wage, these internships were designed to give participants the chance to put their thinking into practice and gain experience working on policy projects in the real world. Some of these internships have been paused or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some have gone ahead with remote working arrangements, including at the ECU. Meet some of the interns below, or send us a message below for more information.

Information for current interns

  • If you’ve been successful at gaining an internship, you will need to complete the paperwork sent out by the UoM Employer Engagement team (please do so as soon as possible). UPDATE: There are delays processing paperwork with HR. You might be asked to resubmit paperwork – stay in touch with Anne or HR.
  • Sign-up up to the slack page where you can network with other interns on the programme and share ideas, tips and feedback.  

We are still looking for policy organisations to host interns

If your organisation is interested in taking on a Policy Boot Camp student as an intern to work on your policy projects, please email Jay.  Their wages are fully funded at a living wage for up to two months this summer and the work would have to take place virtually. We’re aiming to run this programme again, so get in early if you’d like to participate in the boot camp or host an intern.

Meet the Interns

Pooja Kishinani

I’m a final year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student interested in climate action and local governance. Although I took policy-based modules in my first two years at university, the Policy Boot Camp was a unique experience which helped me understanding some of the intricacies of policy-making. I’m currently an intern at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, where I conduct research on climate ‘co-benefits’ which are the additional benefits (e.g. improved public health, increased energy savings) obtained from reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The project I’m working on examines whether or how combined authorities in the UK have incorporated ‘co-benefits’ in their climate action plans. In addition to climate policy, I’m also interested in looking at social and economic policy challenges through a gendered lens.

Hannah Vallance

I’ve just completed my Masters in Human Rights Law, and the Policy Boot Camp was actually my first exposure to the world of policy. It was multifaceted, complex and fast-paced, and provided the perfect precursor  for understanding the policy-making process. I began interning at Policy@Manchester at the end of June, helping the institute to connect academics with stakeholders and policy-makers to enhance an interdisciplinary dialogue around contemporary global issues. I’m currently working on a publication that platforms their work on COVID19, covering the vast socio-economic and civic implications of the virus. I’m also interested in housing policy, specifically the ramifications of the commodification of social housing. Contact me on LinkedIn,  or read my Undergraduate Dissertation.

Jack Collicutt

I’m about to enter the final year of my bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations. I was first exposed to the practical considerations of policymaking on a module for my course, but participating in the first iteration of the boot camp organised by cfgm forced me to apply what I had learnt academically to incredibly relevant issues affecting the city of Manchester – the homelessness crisis and the climate crisis. I began this internship at the start of July and will be working with Reuben to compile the policy actors resource, as well as on future projects related to it. I’m interested in policies on the Net Zero 2050 objective, and improving citizen participation in policymaking.

Reuben Williamson

One of my first experiences with the world of policy was the 2019 bootcamp cfgm.uk organised at UoM. It was fast-paced, exciting, and I felt like we were tackling some of the most important issues facing Manchester today. I began interning at cfgm.uk in June 2020 and I’m currently working on a resource to map and scope-out different policy organisations across the country, with a particular focus on Manchester. I’m also working on the cfgm.uk website, so if there’s any problems please send me an email. Policy-wise, I’m interested in climate change, housing and cities. To get in touch, send me an email, find me on Twitter and have a look at my blog.

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